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Cybersecurity Solutions

Security Audit

Our cybersecurity audit is designed to be a comprehensive review and analysis of your organization's IT infrastructure. It identifies threats and uncovers vulnerabilities and high-risk practices.

Our audit helps mitigate the consequences of such a breach and demonstrate that your company has taken the necessary steps to protect customer and company data.

  •   One Time Security Audit
  •   Annual Security Audits
  •   Physical Vulnerability Assessment

Penetration Test

Also called a "pen test”, is an attack on your organization's network to test the ability of your systems to withstand a cyberattack. 

Due to our team’s knowledge, we have the opportunity to put your computer systems, (wireless) networks, software, IoT devices, vehicles, social engineering or physical security mechanisms to the test.

Various PenTest:

  •  Internal network penetration testing
  •  External network penetration testing
  •  Penetration testing for web applications
  •  Penetration testing for web applications
  •  Penetration testing for wireless networks
  •  Penetration testing for mobile applications
  •  Penetration testing for physical devices

A report detailing the vulnerabilities, testing results and recommendations will be created after the testing.

Cyber Forensics

Also known as digital forensics are used to preserve evidence, assess or restore lost data in a variety of different areas.

Regardless of the devices or storage media being examined, our digital forensic experts take a comprehensive approach to managing digital investigations and can use the most modern means to analyze data.

Our forensic expert will provide report about digital data obtained from emails, computers, storage media, mobile devices, cell phones, and various electronic devices.

Cyber Security Awareness Training

Security Awareness Training is the formal process of making employees aware of computer and IT device security problems. Ensure your users know what to do when faced with a real threat by providing them with targeted, threat-guided education. With Emirates Dawn Security Awareness Training, you get tailored cybersecurity education that’s targeted to the vulnerabilities, roles and competencies of your users.

Security Operation Center (SOC)

We protect your digital infrastructures through continuous monitoring (24/7/365). Threats are reliably and quickly identified, analyzed and immediately averted.

Background Check

To minimize such risks, Emirates Dawn offers background checks and screenings for employees.


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