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Security Systems Designs

When risk is not considered early on in a project, security flaws can easily be built in and then prove expensive change at a later date. We are able to advise Clients and Contractors from the earliest stages on a wide variety of security considerations that will reduce potential risks, remove opportunities for unlawful activities and create safer business environments.

We deliver an end-to-end service from concept design through to full tender specifications, documents and construction drawings for technical, physical and operational solutions.

Our Security Systems Design includes:

  •   Design Development Phases
  •   Conceptual Design
  •   Scheme Design
  •   Detailed Design
  •   Construction Drawings
  •   Specialist Systems Design

Our consultancy teams focus on the design of security solutions that are compliant with regulations, standards, and which consider the specific activities and needs of the organization, project or facility at stake.

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