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Subject Matter Expert (SME)

What is Subject Matter Expert?

SME are certified individuals that have deep knowledge in particular process including the functionality of this process and the technology of that matter. They are professionals who have a highly specialized knowledge of the subject and understand the technicalities of the concepts to the core. 

Here in Emirates Dawn, we provide variety of experts opinions, and our well-known clients touched this expertise in multiple majors as follow:

  •   Security
  •   CCTV
  •   DCP(District cooling plants)
  •   STP(Sewage Treatment plants)
  •   Tendering support
  •   Contracts Claims
  •   Equipment Maintenance
  •   Business Gap Analysis & Market Study

By gathering facts, conducting research, and analyzing data on behalf of our clients, we can develop the most effective plans and strategies. Our team can provide recommendations for improvements, optimizations, and new solutions, while collaborating with stakeholders to find the best path forward.

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